Through the college admission and financial aid search and application process from start to finish.

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Our Services -- Bundled or Separated

BUNDLED SERVICES – Our comprehensive package of bundled services takes you through the college admission and financial aid process from start to finish. It includes the following types of guidance, activities, and help:

  • Initial Conference re: assess student’s academic background, interests, life goals, and feelings about college; advise on early action/early decision
  • “Career Profile” – explore career interests, work values, transferable skills
  • College List – we create a starter list of six to eight colleges, based on your strengths and preferences; then help you expand that list, with our ongoing advice.
  • Tracking – online timelines and trackers organize your college and financial aid search results, then remind you of approaching deadlines.
  • Test prep – SAT or ACT: strategies and guided practice for either test
  • Essay help – for both admission essays and SAT/ACT timed essays
  • Admission Interview prep and coaching
  • Financial aid advice
  • Advocate for our students with financial aid officers

FEES for Bundled Services start at $4,000 for most seniors. For most juniors, the fee averages around $5,000.

SEPARATE SERVICES – For those who need only a few, distinct types of assistance, we provide the services listed below at a rate of $100 per hour, with a three-hour minimum.

  • Essay coaching
  • Test prep
  • Admission interview prep
  • Planning college visits

Denver-Boulder College Consultants provides a range of services for prospective student clients (and their parents) in Colorado. We package them in two different ways:

  • Bundled Services are a complete package of guidance, materials, and help that covers the entire college admissions process. The package covers you from the day you start with us through the day you enroll in college—for one fixed price.
  • Separate Services are services that can be provided à la carte, over any period of time. They are priced on an hourly basis. Any of the services listed in the “Bundled Services” group can be purchased as a separate service.

Many clients are looking for ongoing assistance with the whole multi-faceted process of choosing a college, building a portfolio, preparing for entrance exams, writing essays, filling out applications, tracking down and applying for scholarships, and sorting through financial aid packages. If this is what you need, then the Bundled Services package will give you the best value, dollar for dollar. But if all you are seeking is a few hours of help with SAT or ACT preparation, essay writing, or some other individual service, then choose from Boulder-Denver College Consultants Separate Services menu.


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